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MS, BS, BEd.


Msc Dance Science 

BSc Sports & Exercise

BEd Dance Somatics Education


I live immersed in the practice and study of human movement - the body is my home and my field of research. But it was not always like so. It all started when, at the age of 15, I started to feel chronic pain that progressed for another 5 years until the pain reached the point of making it impossible to keep up my daily activities. Having been about 3 years undiagnosed, I can say that I know what it is like to live in pain. From the experience of great limitations and challenges that movement came to me. I found in embodied experience, self-care and physical fitness the key to overcome it, which transformed my life and my career.

what drives me on this journey is to awaken the potential of the body in each person, promoting more physical fitness, longevity, autonomy and vitality for the general population and professional performers

Regardless whether your aim is to feel stronger, develop flexibility, flourish as an athlete/artist or just carry your groucery bags, I'm willing to support you.

training can only make sense if you are feeling good

In my work methodology it is important to know your goals and physical needs, but also to understand your expectations with training, exercises you like or dislike and your body history.

efficient training programme


training which is pleasing 


training that achieves your goals

For about 10 years I have been offering  classes for small groups in studios and one-to-one personal training. My work interests are post re-hab fitness training and strength and conditioning training for performance. For professional and vocational dancers, I coordinate dance fitness programmes called  "Corpos Aptos, Gestos Livres" .Currently, I work in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


In London, I obtained the title of Master of Dance Science at Trinity Laban Conservatoire (Laban Center / City University, London, UK), a leading school in dance and a pioneer in the research of Movement Science applied to Dance.


Having a BSc in Sports and Exercise from IBMR / Laureate Universities, which enables me to work in the fitness and sports industry, and in Dance Somatics Education from Faculdade Angel Vianna (RJ), which advocates the experience of movement and body awareness, I continued my studies, with certificate courses such as: Functional Strength Training (CFSC, Michael Boyle Strength & Conditioning , Massachusetts, USA), Integrated Movement Rehabilitation (Isoflex, PhysioStudio, RJ), Integrated Physical Training (Limit Treinamentos, RJ) and Pilates ( Stott Pilates® - CA ).


I remain connected to the development of the field of dance science in Brazil and in the world through the " Dance Science Brasil " community - an initiative that I created for interaction between researchers and professionals in the field - in addition to contributing to international associations, being a member of the Promotion Committee and collaborator on the blog of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) and member of the Performing Arts Medicine Association (PAMA-Colorado). I also undertake research in Dance Science and Movement Science frequently take part in congresses and share my work in workshops and presentations.

Other experiences also contributed to the development of an integrated body approach, such as the period I spent at Schumacher College , (a transformational and sustainability educational institution in Devon, UK), my experience in Contact Improvisation and Meditation practices.

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